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Wax me Apart

this between nothing and something

In Wax me Apart Eleni examines the pain and beauty of what stays and what disappears. In this performance installation, sculpture and movement merge together naturally.

What could it possibly mean when the timelessness of sculpture and the transience of performance art come together?

Eleni takes her visitors on a query on the symbolic charge of each matter, using the substance wax to physically distant the human body from an identity, in an attempt to embrace ‘being’ in its purest form.


An immobile body covered in wax conquers the space solely with its presence, whilst the presence of the visitors acquires a subtle dynamic relation with the installation itself. 

Concept & choreography: Eleni Ploumi

Performance: Eleni Ploumi

Advise: Heleen Volman

Supported by: DansBrabant, Makershuis tilburg,


Duration: 15-20 min

Space: foyer/hallway

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