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Eleni Ploumi (1988 – Thessaloniki, Greece) is a performer and choreographer working from Tilburg, the Netherlands. She studied Theatre Dance Performance at the Contemporary/Urban Department of the Fontys Dance Academy, graduating from the Bachelor of Choreography (2016).

Her presence in the field has been equally devoted between creating performances and performing for other dance companies or artists, two activities that for her can only co-exist and feed each other. As a performer she has been working with various dance companies:

T.R.A.S.H. Dance Performance Group (2015 & 2016), Katja Heitmann (2014-present), United-C (2018 – present). As a creator she has been developing her own choreographic practice since 2016 with the support of Makershuis Tilburg and DansBrabant.

From on 2020, she is part of PLAN, a talent development program in the Netherlands which provides her support to develop her work for three years.

Having been a hip hop and house dancer before starting at the academy, examining urban and contemporary dance fusion is a big part of her practice.

As a dance maker she always performs in her own creations, for she is enthralled by the potent relation between her and the audience during a live performance. Her fascination lies in taking the audience along with her in a biomatic experience and share this experience in different levels, but still together. She strongly incline towards performance art and her work is characterized by high and intense physical activity combined with theatrical elements.


And I said, because She gave me the words:

"During my experience with theater as a creator, performer and spectator, my perception is that it stands for personal liberation and as trigger for raising questions, for the audience as well as the performers. The empathy with the character(s) can liberate from taboos, it can bring on the surface suppressed emotions and thoughts. As a performer and choreographer, I am enthralled by how the body itself turns into a mode for communication and representation. How a physical performance can take you smoothly by the hand or other times push you with your back against the wall. How movement, images, characters and atmospheres can impel you to advance, to see situations and people from a distance, to laugh with, or get destroyed alongside them. To come back more pure, fresh, ready"

She: Kleoniki Alexopoulou

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