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Stirring Pan

a primal pulse

In Stirring Pan, the body is approached as a vessel to carry the weight of its own existence, to endure the drive for its longings. It is an ultimately esoteric physical process; with the use of breath - the most primary and universal physical action - the body becomes a (re)generator of energy by producing intramural heat.

Concept & choreography: Eleni Ploumi

Performance: Eleni Ploumi

Supported by:, Makershuis Tilburg

Thanks to: Heleen Volman


Duration: approx 20 min

Space: black box or any inside room

Stirring Pan: the story

"At that time of my life, I had the need to rediscover and reconnect with my youthful and teenage self. I was seeking for this eagerness, for this lust for life and adventure, for this blood boiling. I had five days to create “something”.


After three days of throwing myself all over the place on punk music and nothing really happening, I could only turn inside. Look into me, search literally inside my body. Detach from it, see it as a vessel and find a way to heat it up, generate energy, find a way to make my blood boiling again.


Drawing inspiration from god Pan, a god depicted as half man and half goat, a figure that stands for wildlife; the tenuous balance between primal and cultivated, and the inspirer of panic, which is the paranoid fear that reduces human beings to their most animalistic instincts, Stirring Pan was created in two days."

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