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Killing Time

We see two bodies. A wooden and a fleshy one. The wooden is rigid, solid, stubborn. Has straight defined lines and corners. The fleshy is bendy and soft, yet strong, invariably shifting shapes. It can be stubborn as well.
The wooden body is there, always there - as a condition. The fleshy one needs to find its way on, in underneath, on top and around it.
Should these two become one body?

Under the motto Killing Time, Eleni creates honest and energetic experiences in which she investigates the notion of constructs and how to twist them. Accompanied by her bench, a physical form of construct, she dives in different stages of moments that have been unwillingly lived, moments that have not been lived and moments that desire to be lived.

Killing Time: the trigger

'...and so, with this fucking invention called clock, we are pushing our hours and days as if they are a burden; and they are a burden, because we don’t live, you get me? We look at the time all the time; let this hour be gone, let this day be gone, let tomorrow come; and then again and again and again.  (...)

We split the day in corpses of moments, in killed hours that we burry inside of us.’

Chronis Missios

Concept & choreography: Eleni Ploumi

Performance: Eleni Ploumi

Supported by: DansBrabant, PLAN Brabant

Coaching: Maarten van der Put, Pauline Roelants


Duration: approx 30 min

Space: basement, cellar, concrete floor, warehouse, gallery.

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