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a mythical reality

@Martin Kers

In her recent radical book Witches- Witch-hunting and Women, Italian-American academic and activist Silvia Federici examines the root causes of new witch hunts and the surge of interpersonal and institutional violence against women, outlining the consequences for the women affected. This surge of violence has occurred alongside an expansion of capitalist social relation.

Concept: Eleni Ploumi

Co-created with and performed by: Helena Araujo, Sarah Prescimone, Eleni Ploumi

Movement coach: Gabriella Maiorino

Artistic coordination: Lisa Reinhaimer
Light design: Wout Hoste
Decor: Xavier Geerman

Trailer: Martin Kers MMXI
Trailer music: Paris Papadopoulos

Supported by:  DansBrabant, PLAN

Like the book that inspired the performance, kAtArA wants to remind us that reconstructing the memory of the past is crucial for the struggles of the present.

Using elements of dance, singing, pop culture and freak show it does so in a way that is as playful and humorous as it is powerful and ruthless. Three razor sharp performers and choreographers Eleni Ploumi, Sarah Prescimone and Helena Araujo star as goddesses of the past, present and future, mirroring theirs and our lusts, urges and desires, while finding their strength, using bumping, bond and Britney.

Dive into the mythical world which is kAtArA and with these ferocious female creatures go in search of the divine truth. 

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